Premier Staff

Bethany Snider

Club Operations/Member Management

Alison Valerio

Recruiting Coordinator/Staff Management

Kartina Silva

Director of Player Development & Co-Owner

Katy Phillips

Director of Recruiting & Co-Owner

Lisa Evans

Site Coordinator

Coaching Staff

Anna Prendergast

Green Monsters Coach

Mikayla DiCesare

Green Monsters Head Coach

Monica Ewansick

2026/27 Coach

Emily Hopkins

2026/27 Green Head Coach

Laura Kleiber

2025 Head Coach

Taylor Hopkins

2023 Head Coach

Bethany Snider

2024 Head Coach

Intern Staff

Alexa Mellis

College of Wooster (Division III) Class of 2022

CIT Staff

Maura O’Donoghue

Queens University NC (Division II) Class of 2024

Lauren Hart

UC Davis (Division I) Class of 2024

Mara Fuller

Kent State University (Division I) Class of 2024