Fee Structure

Full YEar At A Glance

Ok, so you want to know what you are paying for right?

One of our fundamental organizational goals is to keep the travel/club experience AFFORDABLE for families. Our fee structure is based on the number of tournaments/practices and where you are in the recruiting process.  Every player in the club is important and will get our full attention, but the behind the scenes stuff for the recruiting process whether you want to play Division I, II OR III, is where things really start to change .... so consequently so does the fee.

Pittsburgh Premier is an INSTRUCTION BASED organization and we are committed to the necessary steps it takes to develop successful players! We will focus on what you need to become the best lacrosse player you are capable of becoming. It starts by having fun every day and every time you play. Secondly, you must be challenged and rise to those challenges at every practice. Finally, you must play consistently in a competitive environment.

IF you have the desire, we have the tools to help you get exactly where you want to go even if you don't know where that is yet.

Practice locations are always subject to facility availability and may need to be changed.

Because we are an instruction based club, we use tournaments for very specific reasons.

  • Continuous assessment of our players, teams, and organization against outside competition.
  • Competitive Tournament play preparation for our teams entering into the recruiting age levels.
  • National Exposure to meet the recruiting needs of our members.

The focus on the tournaments will vary with age and experience levels.  Our younger teams will be focusing on playing hard, having fun, striving to be their best and gaining the experience of tournament play!  We will take these necessary skills that we develop from our early years and then attend the tournaments that are necessary for recruiting and exposure.  As a reminder, the recruiting rules have drastically changed with the hope to SLOW DOWN the recruiting process.  We will continue to monitor the effects of recruiting rule changes to ensure that we are selecting the best tournaments for our membership!