Our overall goal at Premier is to send as many of our student-athletes on to successful collegiate careers in hopes that they return to Western PA at the end of their experience and become a part of the community helping to raise the level of lacrosse here!  With that goal, we strive to present a transparent picture of our recruiting commitments and our retention through collegiate programs.  We understand fully that situations arise in which a perfect match did not happen, and our student-athletes either choose to transfer and/or remain at their institution but not on the team.  We do periodic checks on our athletes and strive to represent an accurate picture of our placements as our student-athletes matriculate through their college careers.

7/1/2019 - PPLC College Retention Rate is an average of 75% for the 2014 through 2018 classes. 

Original NCAA Program Placements: 68


Ilona BenderThe Ellis SchoolBryn Mawr Collegelll2023
Morgan ClarkSouth FayetteWestminster CollegeIII2023
Caroline GentilePine RichlandLafayette CollegeI2023
Emily GutsteinShady Side AcademyOccidental UniversityIII2023
Tegan HooverMt. LebanonFlagler CollegeII2023
Madison JordanSouth FayetteSeton Hill UniversityII2023
Kate LamendolaMt. LebanonChristopher Newport UniversityIII2023
Paige RodgersKnochUVA-WiseII2023
Maddie SamsChartiers ValleyNotre Dame College (OH)II2023
Hannah YoungPine RichlandMercyhurst UniversityII2023
Caleigh BogatsChartiers ValleyWashington & Jefferson CollegeIII2022
Rachel EsselstynPeters TownshipUniversity of FindlayII2022
Amara ForsythHempfied AreaSeton Hill UniversityII2022
Dylan GreenShady Side AcademyWesleyan UniversityII2022
Ruby HaleQuaker ValleyGannon UniversityII2022
Amelia HendersonNorth AlleghenyAllegheny CollegeIII2022
Alyssa LerchMoon AreaGannon UniversityII2022
Allison LyonNorth AlleghenyMercyhurst UniversityII2022
Cece MessnerShady Side AcademyColumbia UniversityI2022
Reagan MurdochMt. LebanonAmerican UniversityI2022
Sydney SabaMt. LebanonXavier UniversityI2022
Elena TraficantePeters TownshipSeton Hill UniversityII2022
Evelynn VissariButlerLimestone UniversityII2022
Megan CookHamptonKent State UniversityI2021
Ellie FleischerNorth HillsJohn Carroll UniversityIII2021
Lexi GuerinWestminsterArizona State UniversityI2021
JJ JardiniSewickley AcademyHaverford CollegeIII2021
Carly KernMarsBaldwin Wallace UniversityIII2021
Celena KerrUpper St ClairLiberty UniversityI2021
Sophia MellisOakland CatholicSaint Francis UniversityI2021
Abigail TurnerPine RichlandSwarthmore CollegeIII2021
Meghan WelchHamptonDenison UniversityIII2021
Morgan YoungSouth FayetteGannon UniversityII2021
Mara FullerMars AreaKent State UniversityI2020
Olivia Hanulak Pine RichlandJohn Carroll UniversityIII2020
Lauren HartUpper St. ClairU.C. DavisI2020
Emelia Krakora Mt. LebanonBowdoin CollegeIII2020
Kennedy KyleSeneca ValleyAllegheny CollegeIII2020
Kenzie Lehman Peters TownshipLiberty UniversityI2020
Sophia MellisOakland CatholicSt. Francis UniversityI2020
Maura O'Donoghue Canon McMillanQueens UniversityIII2020
Livy RupertSeneca ValleyRobert Morris UniversityI2020
Emmie Lau         Shady Side AcademyBrown UniversityI2019
Brooke FerringerNorth AlleghenyOld Dominion UniversityI2019
Lindsay NewtonUpper St. ClairRutgers UniversityI2019
Paige Jones North AlleghenyEmbry- RiddleII2019
Melinda MaersHamptonWalsh UniversityII2019
Abby Lerch Moon AreaUniversity of AkronI2019
Kendall GessnerPine RichlandJohn Carroll UniversityIII2019
Abby ToddShady Side AcademyWilliams CollegeIII2019
Gianna BuzzelliMars AreaUniversity of AkronI2019
Sarah RechHamptonUniversity of AkronI2019
Kat FerenceEllisHaverford CollegeIII2019
Natalie CyterskiOakland CatholicCoastal Carolina UniversityI2019
Megan CyterskiOakland CatholicCoastal Carolina UniversityI2019
Marina MillerPine RichlandPenn State University/Transfer to Richmond UniversityI2018
Jamie KellerPeters TownshipRobert Morris UniversityI2018
Alexis GibbonsMt. LebanonLafayette College I2018
Megan Lieberman Pine RichlandLIberty University/ No longer on RosterI2018
Kate GoodwinFox Chapel Lehigh University/ No Longer on the RosterI2018
Ellie Grefenstette Seton La SalleFairfield UniversityI2018
Aly KlaberMt. LebanonDickinson CollegeIII2018
Lizzie Gladden Mt. LebanonDenison UniversityIII2018
Cora Broadhurst Mt. LebanonGeorge Washington UniversityI2018
Riley DiFiore Shady Side AcademyYork CollegeIII2018
Lindsay Hindman Villa Maria AcademyWalsh UniversityII2018
Rachel TuftsMcDowell Gannon UniversityII2018
Rachel HirstHampton Mercyhurst UniversityII2018
Courtney Young South FayetteGannon UniversityII2018
Grace GuerinSewickley AcademyLafayette College I2017
Liz HanksSeneca ValleyWheeling JesuitII2017
Mia Toscano          Peters TownshipLiberty UniversityI2017
Rachel Bould            Quaker ValleyCentral Michigan UniversityI2017
Kennedy King        Peters TownshipThe University of Mary WashingtonIII2017
Karina Latsko            Seneca ValleyButler UniversityI2017
Alyssa Ference        Peters TownshipSeton Hill UniversityII2017
Hannah Frund             Quaker ValleyEmbry- Riddle UniversityII2017
Cassie Buzzelli               Mars AreaThe College of Wooster/ No longer on RosterIII2017
Julia Lewand             Oakland CatholicEdinboro University/ No longer on RosterII2017
Alexa Mellis     Pine RichlandThe College of WoosterIII2017
Casey Wise                 Fairview HSMercyhurst University/ No longer on RosterII2017
Bella Alampi      Oakland CatholicLafayette College I2016
Renee Cline          Mt. LebanonWheeling JesuitII2016
Alexis Dailey      Peters TownshipSeton Hill UniversityII2016
Shannon Doyle       Mars AreaCentral Michigan UniversityI2016
Eden Fletcher      Mars AreaLock Haven UniversityII2016
Megan Gibbons    Mt. LebanonLehigh UniversityI2016
Carli Hopkin North AlleghenyWashington & JeffersonIII2016
Sophia Klaber     Mt. LebanonBucknell UniversityI2016
Emily Kraus      Quaker ValleyCentral Michigan University/Transfer to Allegheny College/ No Longer on RosterI2016
Maria Stamerra Chartiers ValleyUniversity of Cincinnati/ No Longer on RosterI2016
Nikki Stumpf     Fox Chapel Liberty University/ Transfer to RollinsI2016
Charla Tate                  Mars AreaGannon University/ No longer on RosterII2016
Katherine DrakeTaylor AllderdiceOccidental CollegeIII2016
Alina Nieratko              McDowell Allegheny CollegeIII2016
Maddie Pesicka       Quaker ValleyJohn Carroll UniversityIII2016
Alayna Fuchs        North HillsMercyhurst University/Transfer to ButlerII2016
Maddie Braksick Sewickley AcademyDuke University Club2016
Elizabeth DrakeTaylor AllderdiceThe Naval AcademyClub2016
Maddie CollinsPine RichlandSiena College /Transfer: University of Pittsburgh ClubI2015
Jaida CaminoMilcreek TownshipDelaware State University/No Longer On RosterI2015
Kayla FosterQuaker ValleyLiberty University I2015
Kayla GuerinSewickley AcademyLafayette CollegeI2015
Annie HenryQuaker ValleyJohn Carroll University/No Longer On RosterIII2015
Taylor Hopkins Moon AreaDuquesne UniversityI2015
Katie KushOakland CatholicCentral Michigan University/Transfer: University of Pittsburgh ClubI2015
Anastasia LandmanWinchester ThurstonGordon College/No Longer On RosterIII2015
Shannon LynchShaler AreaUniversity of Albany/ Transfer to Robert MorrisI2015
Haley MazrekuMoon AreaUrsuline College/Transfer to Keiser UniversityII2015
Kara PooleyShady Side AcademyHamilton CollegeIII2015
Aubrie TarrisQuaker ValleyLiberty UniversityI2015
Gab HarchelroadShady Side AcademyNaval AcademyI2015
Allison HurleyPeters TownshipLindenwood UniversityII2014
Taylor LewandOakland CatholicRobert Morris UniversityI2014
Ariel PetrovalMoon AreaOtterbein University/ No Longer On RosterIII2014
Camille ScumaciChartiers ValleyBelmont Abbey College/ No Longer On RosterII2014
Maggie McClainSewickley AcademyGettysburg CollegeIII2014
Gina VilsakPeters TownshipJohn Carroll UniversityIII2014
Anna Mae BolenMoon AreaJohn Carroll University / No Longer On RosterIII2014
Rachel WindmuellerPeters TownshipRhodes CollegeIII2014