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Speed, Strength, & Skill - Developing the Complete Player

Session 1, 2, & 3:  6 weeks with 10 sessions!


  • Session I: Sept/Oct
  • Session II: Nov/Dec
  • Session III: Jan/Feb
  • Level 1:  
    • COST:  EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of $25 for registration prior to 
    • Registered players will be divided into groups based on grade/level.
  • Level 2:   
    • COST:  EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of $25 for registration prior to 
    • Limited to 4 goalies per session.  Keepers will have technical instruction first, followed by a speed & strength session.

Speed, Strength, & Skill is a program designed to focus on individual player development of fundamental skills while incorporating lacrosse specific speed and strength work.  These small group settings allow for individual attention.  The player to coach ratio will not exceed 7:1.   Each dynamic 90 minute session will begin with an intensive speed and strength program lead by a professional Speed & Strength Coach.  This will be followed by a 45 minute skill specific session created to mimic a collegiate level individual/small group instructional.  Each skill session will be led by a professional level coach from the Pittsburgh Premier Lacrosse Staff.
Speed, Strength, and Skill is a progression based program currently devised of 3 Levels.  This unique approach allows players to focus on building proper mechanics in each of 6 defined skill sets through small groups, continuous correction, and high repetition   Proficiency must be achieved in all 6 skills sets to graduate to the next level.  Proficiency is defined as the ability to execute the skill with accuracy and at speed.  At the conclusion of each session, players will receive a written evaluation incorporating both components, speed/strength and proficiency of skill.
The professional staff at Pittsburgh Premier has defined the six skills below:
1.     Stick Skill
2.     Individual Offense
3.     Individual Defense
4.     Ground Balls
5.     Shooting
6.     Space Creation
LEVEL 1: Player must display proper mechanical form while maintaining consistent speed.
LEVEL 2:  Player must link proper mechanical skill with dynamic athletic movement and change of speed and direction.
LEVEL 3:  Player will be put in scenario based situations that will require greater decision making while maintaining mechanics.
Program Progression Structure:  
All players that enter the programs MUST begin in our level 1 class.  For admission into level 2 programming, an applicant must successfully complete the Level 1 class.