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Welcome to PPLC!!! The FUTURE of Girl's Club Lacrosse!!!
Welcome to the best opportunity in girls' club lacrosse in Pittsburgh!! 

Our program will promote the highest level of high school and middle school play of lacrosse focusing on quality instruction and enjoying the best game on the planet.  We take great pride in employing coaches coming from the highest level of the women’s game to teach the skills necessary to succeed at every level of play. We will assist every member of our program with the knowledge of the recruiting process and a fair evaluation of where each player will best fit in the next level. 

Lastly, our club is committed to the growth of each individual player and will promote sportsmanship at all times.   All of our coaches, administrators and players will represent the club and treat each other with the utmost respect and shared passion for the sport of lacrosse.

SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE in the Regional Clinic Series



All three clubs competed this weekend.  What should we have all learned? Fundamentally we need to get better to play consistently at the speed we are challenged with at these tournaments.

We can help! Regionals are skill based.  Teaching correct fundamentals so players can advance and play the game safely!

After 5 years in the club business and over 20 years of recruiting experience, what we have learned is that the players in our area have the ability to compete athletically with those in "hot bed" areas, but our fundamental skill level is behind. When you increase the speed of the game, our skill work begins to deteriorate significantly.  Our 5 week series is dedicated to the development and enhancement of each player's fundamental skill set.  Our all female staff will focus on the art of ground balls, checking, dodging, shooting, individual defense, draw work, small set work, and more.  The 90 minute clinic is designed to fine tune the basics, and challenge players with advanced skill technique!  
NEW FOR 2017, each session will have a 30 minute coached playing opportunity.

Sessions will be fast paced to encourage a lot of touches and reps!
All groups will be age and skill set appropriate!

NORTH:  Seneca Valley High School, Meyers Law Group Stadium (Turf)
SOUTH:  Peter's Township High School, Pleasant Valley Stadium (Turf)


5 week program: $225;  Per clinic cost: $50*


  • Graduation Years: 2022 through 2026;  Tuesday,   ​June: 13, 20, 27 July: 11, 18

    • ​North Site:  1:00 to 3:00 pm

    • South Site:  Noon to 2:00 pm*  (Because Peter's Township is still in school, the 6/13 date will be 4 to 6 pm)

  • Graduation Years: 2018 through 2021; Thursday, ​June: 15, 22, 29 July: 13,  20

    • North Site:  1:00 to 3:00 pm

    • South Site:  Noon to 2:00 pm*  (Because Peter's Township is still in school, the 6/15 date will be 4 to 6 pm)

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Who we are and what makes us different...
The idea is really simple, as three current Division I college coaches we recognized a need in Pittsburgh to contribute to the growth of girl's lacrosse in the area.  So one day over lunch we decided the best way to get involved was to run our own club program.  Yes, it would have been easier to get involved with the already established local organizations but honestly we didn't feel that we would be able to put the quality product that we had envisioned into fruition. 

That was were Pittsburgh Premier was born.   As college coaches we are 100 percent committed to the fundamental growth of each player, honest evaluations of skills and placement within the program, and lastly a forthright and comprehensive recruiting service as you head towards navigating the college process. 

With over 40 collective years in the college lacrosse ranks, and serving at various academic institutions each of us brings a unique set of skills within teaching lacrosse to every age group.  But honestly we don't expect you to just believe us, we invite you to come to practice and see for yourself!  Our staff will be available after to discuss any questions you might have about Pittsburgh Premier and why we might be the right fit for your family.

Katrina, Mike and Katy

by PPLC posted 02/25/2011
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